Breakthrough Workshop Theatre is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit theatre organization.

Mission Statement

The mission of Breakthrough Workshop Theatre is to educate, challenge, celebrate and empower artists by providing them with unique opportunities in a collaborative, ensemble based environment.  

Our Vision

Breakthrough Workshop Theatre is an education-focused company with an emphasis on producing socially relevant dramatic works pulling from repertoire that fits into one or more of the following categories: LGBT Theatre, family friendly fare, musical theatre and Pulitzer Prize-winning works.  The intent of Breakthrough Workshop Theatre is not to produce time and cost-intensive productions, but rather to provide theatre artists of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels with a chance to explore characters and material that they would otherwise be unlikely to encounter.  A “Breakthrough Artist” is someone who has a deep-rooted passion for creating theatre.  Due to the unique nature of the BWT process, a “Breakthrough Artist” is forced to challenge themselves and perform in the moment, while relying on and trusting their instincts.  The work of Breakthrough Workshop Theatre is intended to highlight the necessity of breaking through an obstacle, whether it be a personal struggle or a critical movement in society.