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Prior, Angel & Continental Principalitie

Mission Statement

To educate, challenge, celebrate and empower theatre artists of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels - by providing them with unique opportunities that facilitate artistic and personal breakthroughs in a collaborative, ensemble-based environment. 

Vision Statement

At BWT, we understand that not every artistic journey is the same.  Many artists, even ones with abundant talent and dedication, are unable to participate in productions at more traditional theatre companies due to the restrictions and realities of their daily lives.  Using a unique vision and model that focuses each artist's creative process on achieving an individual breakthrough and less on time-intentive rehearsal commitments, BWT provides a collaborative and positive environment that is open to all theatre artists - whether they are honing established skills, trying it for the very first time or reconnecting to a lost passion from their past.

Values Statement

BWT values our artists and their breakthroughs above all else.  Our process does not focus on technical elements or extended runs, but rather on the willingness of our artists and audiences to open their hearts and minds to the unique experiences we provide.  In a thriving Breakthrough Artist, you will find someone who deeply values theatre as a tool to improve themselves and the world around them, as well as someone who finds value in a challenging, vulnerable, and inspiring creative environment.

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